Introducing ‘Blue Steel’ – Jordan Barrett

From a young lad in Byron Bay to an internationally known supermodel working with teams in Milan, Barcelona and Tokyo, Jordan Barrett is making waves. Just 22-years old and already being compared to the dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio and teen idol River Phoenix, Barrett has big shoes to fill.

Jordan Barrett. Photo Credit: Sebastian Kim

Barrett grew up jumping between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast where he lived the life like any other Australian kid; with the sand, sun and water. He was scouted when he was just 13, as he was being caught stealing a packet of matches from a convenience store on the Gold Coast. Thinking he was caught by security, the IMG talent scout gave him his card, which Barrett’s mum found in his jeans a few weeks later. She emailed the scout a couple of Barrett’s pictures, and let’s just say – the rest was history.

Barrett moved to Sydney just a short while later and by 17, he had booked his first gig in Tokyo. After signing with IMG once he turned 18, Barrett made the move to New York City where his life would change forever. His blonde hair, sun-kissed look and feline-like features sky-rocketed him from Byron local to It boy in the world of international fashion.

Jordan Barrett and Hailey Bieber for Moschino. Photo Credit: Jordan Barrett/ Instagram

From then to now, he’s worked with the likes of Balmain, Versace, Tom Ford, Moschino Dolce & Gabbana and Coach, has walked at various fashion weeks and has been photographed by Steven Klein, Mario Testino and Mert & Marcus, to name a few.

In 2015, Barrett was named “Man of Style” by GQ Australia for his achievements as the country’s leading male model. Then, in 2016, he was named “Model of the Year” by

Since becoming one of the most sought-after models in the fashion industry, Barrett has worked alongside the Hadid sisters, Emily Ratajkowski and modelling royalty like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

He’s appeared on the covers of Vogue, GQ Style, Paper Magazine, Wonderland and Harper’s Bazaar. His first fragrance contract was with Paco Rabanne, where he is still the face of the 1 Million fragrance.

Despite working with so many luxury brands and with many renowned photographers and publications, Barrett stands by the fact that he can always do more and be more. When asked about the moment he knew he had made it, he responded by saying, “there’s so many bigger people… I think okay, cool I got lucky. Maybe I’ll get really lucky tomorrow and do something really cool that puts me in the category of actual, like, the really good boys.”

Jordan Barrett and Bella Hadid for Vogue. Photo Credit: Jackie Nickerson

Barrett received some backlash last year for his partying lifestyle, with some saying that he’s gone from this fresh-faced Byron Bay kid to a loose party boy. Modelling agent Kirk Blake expressed concerns with Barrett’s behaviour and told The Daily Telegraph that the young model needed to “reign it in”. Not agreeing with that suggestion, Barrett proceeded to change management from the world’s biggest modelling agency, IMG, to Sydney’s Kult.

While many industry professionals aren’t too happy with his “bad-boy behaviour”, fans on social media stick around for this kind of behaviour. Gone are the days where celebrities and models have to act like they’re less than the average person.

With over a million followers on Instagram, Barrett utilises his social media presence to further his “bad-boy brand” in a way that works completely in his favour. Grainy, black and white pictures just add to his 90s aesthetic and further places him with the likes of DiCaprio and Phoenix.

It’s safe to say that Barrett has mastered modelling, so now he’s trying his hand at other projects. After taking acting lessons when he moved to the States, he made his acting debut in the short film, Carte Blanche, which premiered at the international Mammoth Film Festival in 2019. He’s also been getting into fashion photography and has even shot Emily Ratajkowski for the cover of Paper magazine.

So, he’s got the look, the style, the talent and the fan base. It’s no surprise that after almost nine years in the modelling industry, Jordan Barrett is here to stay and make a name for himself as one of the modern super model greats.