Levi’s X Stranger Things Is All Of Our Eighties Nostalgia Dreams Come True

In a collaboration that vintage-inspired denim dreams are made of, iconic clothing company Levi’s has joined forces with the wardrobe team behind the Netflix smash-hit series Stranger Things to bring you a collection that will quench your thirst for all that’s cool and creepy.

Photo Credit: Levi Strauss & Co

Since its release on July 4, the third season of Netflix’s hit science fiction series Stranger Things is smashing streaming records with Netflix reporting that 40 million household accounts have been watching the show, and 18.2 million have already watched the whole season!

This is more than any other Netflix film or series has ever earned in its first four days.
Steer clear of spoilers, friends.

To coincide with this knockout success, the wardrobe team has joined forces with iconic denim and apparel brand Levi’s to launch a capsule collection that is as quintessentially 80’s as we would all crave from such a collab.

Stranger Things is immediately distinguishable by its distinctively retro look. Season three is set in the American summer of 1985, and this shows through in the pieces, breathing new life into vintage-inspired tees, sweatshirts, archival fits and of course, denim. Levi’s worked alongside the wardrobe team to dress the cast for the show, and this capsule collection gives fans of the series the chance to wear the same outfits they’ll see in the series. Enthusiasts can snap up Dustin’s ringer tee emblazoned with “Camp Know Where”, or the same logo on a hoodie if that’s more your style.

Fans of the show will also find sweatshirts and tees with graphics, phrases and branding from Stranger Things, images of characters, and upside-down versions of Levi’s iconic patches and red tabs- a more subtle reference to the alternate horror dimension that exists in parallel to the show’s setting of Hawkins, Indiana.

Fan-favourite Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, is finally ditching the hospital gowns and is finding her own sense of style. Now you can Netflix and chic with her yellow Aztec print top, pleated jeans and zany multicoloured romper all available for fans to wear.

Photo Credit: POPBUZZ

Even Levi’s SVP of Innovation Jonathan Cheung had an enthusiastic reaction to the FW19 capsule collection:

“When the Stranger Things opportunity slid across my desk, my nose started to bleed. Being able to work on some of the costumes with their amazing designers was another level of collaboration.”

A show set in the 1980s, when Levi’s was at its absolute height of cultural relevancy, is the perfect way for brand and series to collide and give us pop-cultural fashion gems that we can wear ourselves. With this level of effortless interplay between the two, it’s no surprise that the designers at Levi’s are fans of Stranger Things themselves. Truly, this is a match made in heaven.

See you all in the Upside Down.