Cara Delevingne’s Is Playing A ‘Pansexual Faerie’ In Latest Role

Cara Delevingne is expanding her acting range in her role in a new Amazon series that sees her playing a thirty five year old queer faerie.

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Model and actor Cara Delevingne is starring opposite our favourite elf, Orlando Bloom, in new Amazon Prime series Carnival Row. The series combines historical and fantasy elements and takes place in a Victorian-era post-war alternative universe in which humans and faeries coexist.

Delevingne and Bloom play a human/faerie couple. The series touched on various different social issues including immigration, sexism and racism.

In an interview with Variety, Delevingne stated her character is pansexual, adding that,

“All faeries generally are. They don’t see gender. It’s all about who they are and their hearts. A lot of the things that weren’t written in the script, we made them so. Obviously, I didn’t say, ‘I want to be a pansexual faerie,’ but it made sense that all faeries kind of just love who they love.”

The Twenty six year old model began her transition into cinema in 2012, cast alongside A-list stars in Anna Karenina. She expanded her reach further in 2014 when she made her television debut. Her career has been on and up and up ever since.

Orlando Bloom also weighed in Carnival Row, stating on a panel at Comic-Con that

“It’s so current and topical, it sort of addresses a lot of what we are experiencing today but with the added component of a fantasy period sort of feeling. We can explore these issues that are going on in the world today with a kind of empathy and objective quality that doesn’t feel like it’s banging you over the head.”

Queer Represention

Photo Credit: Pride

As an openly bisexual and genderfluid actor, Delevingne is perfect for this role, and is paving the way for other openly queer actors in Hollywood.

In 2017 Delevingne opened up about the harassment she experienced at the hands of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who told her that she would never be successful as an actress because of her sexuality.

Cara proves him wrong every day. This role is the latest proof that she can be openly queer and be one of the most successful and sought after actors working in the industry today.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has said of the new series,

“Part of that world is a discussion… about racism and sexism and classism and spiritualism, and we kind of cover it all and we look at all the different ways you can differentiate the people and creatures in society, and it makes for a very layered complex show.”

Carnival Row premieres on Amazon Prime at the end of August.

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