“In Homage to Mademoiselle”: Sofia Coppola’s Short Film For Chanel

Sofia Coppola has directed a short film charting the evolution of arguably the most famous French fashion house: Chanel.

Source: 10 Magazine

Director Sofia Coppola has cemented her status as a die-hard Chanel fan in a new video tribute. The nostalgic short film emphasises some of the luxury brand’s greatest moments. “In Homage to Mademoiselle” was created for the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition in Tokyo.

The film begins with a clip from a Chanel advertisement starring French actress Catherine Deneuve. Next we see a collection of famous campaigns, runway shows and behind the scene shots.

Set to Oblivion by Grimes, the film shows us how the fashion house evolved, from the brainchild of controversial figure Coco Chanel to the fashion industry mainstay that it is today.

The short film gives us plenty of famous faces, including Karl Lagerfeld, Lily-Rose Depp, Kate Moss, Pharell, Tilda Swinton and Jackie Kennedy.

Marilyn Monroe also appears, who in 1954 famously reignited popularity of the Chanel’s signature scent when she was asked “What do you wear to bed?” and answered “Just a few drops of No.5”.

Of course, the film leaves out any reference to Coco Chanel’s involvement with the Nazis after they took over Paris in the 1940s. Ah well, c’est la vie.

Watch the video here:


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