Instagram Removes Plastic Surgery-Esque Filters Due To Impact On Mental Health Of Users

It’s time to say goodbye to our instant facelift, jaw shave, and lip injections as Instagram is getting rid of the plastic surgery-esque filters that have taken everyone by storm.

Photo: @andrea.xp 

The rise in Instagram face-altering filters has put the social media app in quite the bind (again) and we’re not surprised.

Although such filters are such a hit amongst users, Spark AR has announced plans to ban filters that have a plastic surgery-esque aesthetic in an attempt to combat the spread of body dysmorphia on the app.

The company posted a statement to Facebook that read,

“We want Spark AR effects to be a positive experience and are re-evaluating our existing policies as they relate to well-being,”

It further mentions that they will: 1. remove filters associated with plastic surgery, 2. postpone the approval of any new ones, and 3. continue to remove as many policy-violating filters as they’re identified.

There are a number of filters like Beautiful face and Plastics which mimicked the effects of plastic surgery; however, the filter Fix Me is the most controversial as it shows how a cosmetic surgeon would plan your surgery – marking your face and showing the results.

Instagram is under constant fire due to its effects on users’ mental health and well-being, and these filters will only add fuel to the fire.

Spark AR has not released a statement regarding when the plastic-surgery filter take-down will be in full effect. So make the most of your time with the filters… I guess?

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