Ground Cover: True Ethical Shoemakers

Currently, social awareness regarding both the subtle and blatant impacts of climate change has caused a rift. Brands have attempted to display ethics in bad faith. The answer to misused buzzwords like ‘sustainability’ is Ground Cover.

Photo credit: Highsnobiety

In aiming to alter the destructive norms of consumer behaviour, Ground Cover aims to not confuse people with ambiguous terminology (often adopted in other initiatives). A rise of large fashion houses being guilty of ‘Greenwashing’ does not deter the incentive that Ground Cover holds. Ground Cover rather, sews the seeds of a precise amount of product, without false pretenses.

Ground Cover’s boots are completely free of animal products, not poorly made vegan leather. Formulated and crafted from commercial pineapple farming, these boots expertly upcycle an otherwise wasted or useless material. Ground Cover’s boots are additionally nearly 100% biodegradable.

Ground Cover’s founder Avery Ginsberg is a man of strong ethical-social beliefs. With such beliefs shown in his gender-neutral clothing brand Staatsballet, Ground Cover has now epitomised an important personal thought system. Ginsberg’s introspection has granted him a focus on sustainability, function, and the slower consumption of goods.

Each of these initiatives coincides with his vision for the future. In an interview with Flaunt Magazine, Avery confidently presented that he has the desire to “create something less ephemeral than social media allowed”. His outlook consists of a justification of not only an ethical way of life. Sustainable fashion practices in the future are marked by such research and development.

Photo credit: Avery Ginsberg

An extensive indication of Ginsberg’s morality lies in Ground Cover’s website being shut down at present, in order to promote the Black Lives Matter movement. Avery affirms that “Right now, the Black community’s well-being requires collective understanding and immediate action”. In addition to the promotion of the movement, educational resources are also listed: bail fund donation links, government contact details, and additional petitions. As a result, Ginsberg has unmatched morals.

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