Kanye West Runs For President Despite His Dangerous Political Past

Kanye West, known musician, entrepreneur, and designer has announced his intention to run for President via Twitter. This absurd gesture is not official as of yet.

In a bizarre turn of events, Kanye West has proclaimed he will be “running for president” in the November 2020 Election. With no paperwork or official documents, it is unclear whether Mr. West genuinely intends to run or not. So far, West’s announcement has only been endorsed by Elon Musk and his wife Kim Kardashian. In addition, West has previously stated his intentions to run for president once in 2015, despite expressing that he is “not a politician”. In his most recent claim prior to this, he proposed that his campaign would be delayed until the 2024 election.

The Federal Election Commission’s database does not hold any names under Kanye West, although the candidate “Kanye Deez Nutz West” was filed under the Green Party in 2015 under an address also appearing to be affiliated with Kanye. As the official campaign committee needs to exist under West’s name, the Commission has vowed to investigate “false or fictitious” entry filings. Now only 4 months out from the election itself, it is important to examine Kanye West’s political history.

Politically, Kanye West’s views are polarising and appear to mirror cognitive dissonance. During a tour in 2016, West told a sold-out show to “stop focusing on racism, this world is racist, O.K”. West had supposedly ‘addressed’ this global issue, by dismissing its ramifications and not providing any words for those affected. Within this proclamation, he had outlined a pattern of behaviour he would continue throughout his support of Donald Trump in the following years.

Having met Donald Trump at the end of 2016, West specified he was only present with him to “take a picture” although he later adopted and espoused Trump’s values, as-well-as visually signifying his support for Trump, by wearing the ‘MAGA’ hat. Kanye West has stated his full willingness to run against this man he admires, despite supporting him so conscientiously.

Kanye West pictured with Donald Trump | Photo credit: Getty Images

West’s perspective has begun to stretch beyond the line of ignorance as time has carried on. To claim Mr. West’s opinions are ‘problematic’ or ‘polarising’ is a sheer understatement and a mockery of the people he has negatively impacted. If he were to genuinely run for President, these impacts would most likely be drowned out by his die-hard fans or mislabelled as being ironic or ‘a joke’.

2018 saw West claim that “slavery was a choice” and that many centuries of oppression could be reduced to a “mindset”. As a man who claims to “fight for the people”, Kanye has been since ousted by many, as being absent of thought. Will.iam identified West’s declaration as “one of the most ignorant statements that anybody who came from the hood could ever say about their ancestors”.

More recently, as a known Christian, Mr. West brought his Sunday Service to an event that conspired with known anti-LGBTQI+ head pastors. This affiliation is a clear indicator of West negating his own past hypothetical ideals of inclusivity. The actions of proselytising and converting are often associated with one known pastor of said event, who had previously escalated an extreme “climate of anti-gay hatred in Uganda” and has since been criticised by various human rights groups.

West pictured at the prayer rally | Photo credit: Getty Images

Individuals speculate that this entire stunt may be grounds for the promotion of an album or another project of some sort. Experts on the issue state that running this late in the race, will cost Mr. West more than just money. His candidacy is unlikely to affect the real outcome of the upcoming election unless he were to take substantial votes away from either Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

Ultimately this late campaign announcement with minimal forethought and a dangerous political past, does not bode well for a serious Presidential candidate in 2020. Whether this announcement is legitimate or not, this movement will serve Mr. West even more media attention than ever before.

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