Suds And Smiles By Samantha Fortenberry

Hey everybody, bring food and booze, lollies and cupcakes, confetti’s and cigarettes. It’s time to… Have a bath.


Samantha Fortenberry is from a small town in Alabama that none knows, so we will call her a US-based photographer. The artist came up with the idea of capturing her subjects in a bathtub. Why? Well, why not? She gently asked them to bring a couple of items that have a special meaning to them – not sure about the meaning of Oreos though. Or maybe we all do…


“I want to collect a wide variety of people in all shapes and sizes to display the various form of beauty each person has.”

She created very joyful sets using colourful walls and accessories. The models pose naked in their bath full of fun stuff, and they seem to get a kick out of it. The combination of happy faces, bright colours and cool accessories simply makes it a cheerful photography series.