Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish Explained, and He Is Not Alone

If you pay close attention while watching any of Tarantino’s movies, you’ll probably notice that there are a bunch of foot shots.

Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill both featured Uma Thurman’s feet (he once drank champagne from her Louboutin’s, and he even made a cameo where he sucked Salma Hayekʼs toes in the 1996 movie From Dusk Till D7wn. Honestly, there are too many instances to list.

Anyway, he’s back at it again with Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. I mean, just watch the trailer. There’s toe action in the first 45 seconds.

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Mia- Pulp Fiction 

Melanie- Jackie Brown

Salma Hayek- From Dusk Till Dawn

Jungle Julia- Death Proof

Kate Fuller- From Dusk Till Dawn

The Bride- Kill Bill Vol.1

Bridget von Hammersmark- Inglorious Basterds 

 Abernathy- Death Proof

The Bride- Kill Bill Vol.2 

Tarantino is not the only famous person to have a foot obsession. And in fact, some of the most famous actors, artists, models and other celebrities of all time seemed to have a penchant for feet covered in heels.

From Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German author of “Faust,” to pop artist Andy Warhol, who was a major practitioner of podophilia, and – not to forget – Quentin Tarantino, who featured luxuriating shots of nude female feet in a variety of his notable films, such as “Pulp Fiction” or “Django Unchained”. And who can forget Jules Winfield’s famous foot massage scene in Pulp Fiction.

Our minds are structured in a way that may associate feet with sex. The area of the brain that communicates with the genitals is right next to the area that deals with the feet. These regions share neural cross-talk, which may be why shoes can be erotic.

By definition, fetishism is not something that a majority of people have in common. Sigmund Freud is credited with being the first person to fully discuss and define the foot fetish. According to The University of Windsor journal, “The Lance,” Freud defined fetishism as the displacement of sexual desire onto inanimate objects or body parts caused by the person’s struggle with the confrontation of the castration complex. Freud also described the fetish as occurring through exposure over time to an object, which are the feet in this case, while being sexually aroused. This form of conditioning is still theorised as the reason why people have foot fetishes.

What’s your explanation?

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