Strada combines in-app art sales and resources with IRL exhibitions. Meet six talents featured in their new show “Genesis: Light and Beauty”.

Image: i-D Magazine – VICE – Danny Cole and Sophia Wilson at Strada. 

At just 22 years old, Paul Hill wants to improve life for his peers through technology. His first app – Pronto! –  came during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 and was a directory of protesters including all the resources and places to donate, ways to track down people who’ve been arrested, and connect them with legal aid.

In November 2020, he started to sell art and realized there weren’t systems in place for young artists to build community with their peers and reach other young collectors in their network. So, he invented Strada.

Emerging Talent

Strada is a new app and IRL exhibition series for showcasing emerging artists’ work. Dedicated specifically to Gen Z, the app offers educational resources in the form of newsletters while also offering a percentage of its sales as artist grants.

Paul said in an interview with i-D,

“Being able to create and curate a show of mostly young, Gen Z emerging artists, or people at the start of their career, even if they have been around for a few years now, is really exciting.”

an abstract painting of a house with roots by amy bravo
On being asked what it felt like to be a part of Strada, one of the artists said –

“Being a part of Strada’s initial launch is super exciting. The art world lacks transparency and support for young artists. This platform gives direct accessibility towards its artists in a way that is rarely seen.”

The project has provided these young artists with a medium to connect and show their talent. Each artist is unique and Strada has opened up a new pathway to communicate their visions with the world.

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