Girls Guides Bags

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  • Introduction “The Bag”
  • The Great Signifier And Concealer
  • A New Coat Of Arms
  • What Your Designer Bag Says About You
  • To Have & To Hold
  • The History Of The Handbag
  • Handbag Styles

The handbag has never been more important in the world of fashion as it is today. Whether it be a Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada or Kate Spade, the “IT” bag of the season is enough to make the fashion celebrity pack swoon, and it matters not that it can cost as much as a small sports car. This book is not just an illustrated guide to the designer world of the luxury bag, it is all that and more. In this book we explore the evolution of the luxury accessories industry, it’s origin in history and its evolution in context through a fast-changing social world.


We take a detailed look at the kinds of bags available, and a long look at the designers and brands that best represent the pantheon of bag style in today’s luxury business.