Written by


  • George Harrison
  • Crowded House
  • Marc Bolan
  • The Eagles
  • Madonna
  • Lou Reed

Intrigue and mystery swirling underfoot while the Legends mingle tarry dally and make music with each other like demi-gods pulling such idiosyncratic stuff out of disparate musical universes. Some like Nick Cave reached in and pulled out a biblical pestilence. Others like Neil Young found sad lonesome worlds to drift through that had not yet been charted by any musician much before.


At the time these Legends do their thing it’s quite revolutionary, though it may seem part of the wallpaper now. The Legends are first and foremost Originals i.e. they are prime movers and they seem to arrive with a look, a philosophy, a sound, a unique voice strangely already intact. And sometimes their genius is even more amazing with all those Achilles heels amongst them. Just because you’re a Legend doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes get into some weird trouble, and just because you’re a Legend doesn’t make you automatically happy either.