TOP MODELS Vol 63 (Purse Size) – Sexiest Girls

Written by Chantelle Mayo & John Seroukas



What defines a Top Model “Sexiest” Girl? Is it her appearance? Her sex appeal? Her attitude? Her personality? Her ability to move from photo spreads to the catwalk, and ads with complete ease? Or is it her originality, her independence, and complete assurance in what she is doing that inspires much admiration?


Our “sexiest” girls all have these qualities, but there’s something more to them. These Top Models possess a ce je ne sais quoi that makes them sexy, and it’s really hard to define. They have an innate confidence in their own sexuality that lures men and women alike. Women want to be them, and men want to be with them. These women inspire designers, fashion lines, photographers, rather than simply representing them. They are the industry gems, those women who can do and wear anything, rare finds treasured for their unique embodiment of self-confidence and beauty.


It is as much for their sex appeal as for their physical perfections that these models are sought after above all others for major campaigns and projects. The sexiest girl can sell any brand, and acquiring one as an ambassador can project a brand’s perception and image into a new level of respect. The media cannot help but give them attention, as their confidence in their identity and sexuality makes them stand out, unable to be ignored.