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Paul G Roberts is a serial entrepreneur, internationally published author, publisher, futurist, branding expert and creative director. For more than 25 years he has worked around the world with many of the planet’s most iconic brands. He is founder and owner of the DESIRE Groupe, which celebrated 20 years of operation in 2013. The DESIRE Groupe is now a diversified Content & Communications group. Paul G Roberts is also considered an authority on icons of style and also prestige fashion and brands. He is the author of the 8 edition Style Icons series and also the 11 edition Masters of Fashion book series for Fashion Industry Broadcast. He is also a futurist and the author of the book Trilogy on Technology and the Future titled “NOW”, “NEXT” and “HOW”. His most recent global book, published in September 2014 was “CONTENT And it’s Rise in a Connected World” All his titles are available globally on Amazon Books and better book sellers, and Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks as a eBooks.


Paul G Roberts’ Trilogy on the Future.

NOW A Business Survival Guide.


NOW is an advanced toolkit for businesses looking to connect and inspire their customers. Many of the advanced marketing practices and consumer analytics covered in the book were pioneered by Roberts and his teams working with the most sophisticated marketing corporations in the world. The secrets to success in using these techniques is explained and illustrated in a lucid and compelling fashion.



NEXT An Armchair Guide to the Future.


From mating and dating, from appliances to buildings, from communications to shopping, from advertising to education, from medicine to agriculture, your next 20 years is going to see science fiction become reality. The explosion of change due to the exponential advances in computing power combining with similarly exponential advances in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Biotechnology, Robotics, and Nanotechnology, is about to shake the fabric of life as you know it to its core.


HOW Secrets of the New Economy.  


This book the third edition of the trilogy NOW, NEXT, and HOW series, created as books, e-books, and Apps and distributed on all major e-book platforms and App stores globally. Where NOW was a Business Survival Guide and NEXT An Armchair Guide to the Future, HOW isa guide to the Secrets of the New Economy and is designed to help you both understand and thrive in the “Ideas” economy. In the next twenty years, technology will advance so exponentially that it will exceed human intelligence, advances in biotechnology will allow medical science the capacity to provide software upgrades to our own DNA, and nanotechnology will make it possible to create any physical product using inexpensive information processes. The digital revolution will place unimaginable intelligence within our grasp.

CONTENTCONTENT And it’s Rise in a Connected World. 


“Today a radically new dynamic series of interactions shape the possibilities and realities of purchase and loyalty dynamics. Today Search engines, Influencers, and Social media enable and persuade purchase behavior in an anything but uniform pattern. Today it is the consumer with smart phone in hand, which is always on, and always there that holds the power. The consumer is now in control instead of the consumer corporations and brands that were in years gone by.In a world where overt advertising can be blocked or edited out, we now live in the world of Permission Marketing.

The consumer is now calling the shots as to what they choose to absorb, like and share. Success in Content marketing is no walk in the park. Everyone has now realized that Content Marketing is the main game in building brands, developing leads and creating brand loyalty.It’s a struggle to get organic traffic, a struggle to get an audience, and a struggle to get quality leads. This book frames the dynamics of this Content revolution with a study of Social, Mobile, Comment, Curation, Technology, eCommerce, new Marketing methods, and a outlook on the future of business and how technology to reshaping what it means to be human.”