Madonna Continues to Make a Statement


Style icon Madonna was and still is a fashion statement. Showing off her unique self-representation in the 80’s, she marks the birth of 10 trends offered today in the fashion Industry.

It is safe to say Madonna is and always will be the queen of fashion. Have you ever questioned the latest fashion trends on the streets? What about the mid-drift tops floating around the streets of Bondi? Madonna was ultimately the first celebrity to show off her stomach on MTV, even before Britney and Christina. Madonna started the evolution of mid-drift tops and even over such a long period of time, it’s still paraded on the streets today. From mid-drift tops, Ray Ban wayfarers, fingerless lace gloves to rubber bracelets and rubber bracelets. That’s not all, leather caps, signature slogans, one earing, rosary necklaces, cone bras and cloth headbands has stepped into the realm of today’s society because of Madonna’s outstanding creation of everlasting fashion. All these fashion statements resemble Madonna’s evolution of ‘trending fashion’ and will further demonstrate the progression of fashion.

“To be a star you need to rouse the senses, but to be a siren you must touch the heart” stated by Paul G Roberts author of FIB’s Style Icons Vol 4 – Sirens, which features the iconic star, makes it apparent that Madonna isn’t just a “Style Icon” but a woman of power, integrity and beauty.

I’m sure we all admire Madonna’s character… let’s hope we still see her trending style on the streets in 20 years!