Baz Luhrmann and Gisele Bündchen Together for New Chanel Campaign


Chanel’s No.5 fragrance may be a classic, but it has recently been given a new makeover in the form of a stylish short film. The feature stars super glamorous model Gisele Bündchen and is directed by Baz Luhrmann, the award-winning director responsible for such masterpieces as Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby and of course, the Chanel No.5 campaign starring Nicole Kidman ten years ago.




Whilst the earlier version with Kidman carried a Moulin Rouge-esque feel throughout the film, the 2014 edition channelled The Great Gatsby. So of course, both campaigns were  exceedingly glamorous, bold and beyond beautiful. Who would expect any less from the man? Or from Chanel, for that matter, who as per usual presents a piece of fantasy and allure.


Luhrmann presents a compelling story with Bündchen, as a model torn between her career and love and her family. The tone of the film is set by a luxurious modern house and a romantic backdrop of New York’s Queensboro Bridge. In the previous version, Kidman’s character faced a similar dilemma, but in the end she chose her career.

“In a way Gisele became the script,” Luhrmann said of the Chanel star. “I knew her when she was quite young and starting out, and she’s evolved so much in both her life and work. The film reflects that – this woman has a child, a real job and then she has this relationship. Gisele is the Chanel woman now.”


As a sort-of sequel to The Great Gatsby, Bündchen appears as Daisy Buchanan, living a life of luxury with her husband and child. “They live in the Hamptons. They cross that same bridge the Buchanans do. They spend time in New York nightclubs. They’ve hit a spot in their marriage. Does Daisy love her husband or not? That’s the question Fitzgerald leaves unanswered. But, really, this is about updating what we did with Nicole,” said Luhrmann. “Back then it seemed right to put work at the forefront. Now? It seemed more honest for her to have doubts. The idea of having it all and what that means seems interesting.”

The campaign is flawless and visually stunning, as is Gisele, who portrays the story’s character perfectly. Unlike Kidman’s character, the end of the film saw Bündchen choose love and her family over her career.

Watch the alluring film here.

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Aleisha Gearside