Kate Bosworth Steps Into New Footwear Line


When it comes to successful women, Kate Bosworth definitely makes the list. She’s already made her mark in Hollywood and, when it comes to fashion, Kate never seems to put a foot wrong. Ever. So it makes perfect sense that the glamour queen is now looking to take over the fashion world with her new shoe collection in collaboration with Matisse Footwear.




March 2015 will see the launch of her super cool collection, with 20 different pairs of shoes in the style of chunky sandals, sleek mules and quirky boots. But, unlike the razor sharp stilettos she may wear on the red carpet, these shoes are designed to pair together fashion and comfort.


“The truth is, shoes have to be wearable and functional,” the designer said. “There are some women who wear seven-inch stilettos and run around. That’s not me. That’s not the collection. I want to feel comfortable and also very fashionable in my life.”

Each style has been inspired by influential moments in the actress’s life and career, from the film “Blue Crush” to her favourite sports team the Dallas Cowboys.


According to Matisse Footwear director Sheena Parks, the company is more than thrilled with the collection. “Her innate sense of trend perfectly fits into our brand aesthetic. We have created a line that is new, fresh and unapologetically cool.”



The collection carries a strong festival vibe, and its March release means it will be launched in time for the festival season. It will be available from outlets like Nordstrom and Revolveclothing.com. A pair of these quirky shoes will cost you between $300-$500, depending on which style takes your fancy.

This is not her first collaboration in the world of fashion, having previously worked with Topshop and Jewelmint.

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