Paris Photo: Exhibition

The world’s biggest photography exhibition in the French capital earlier this month where there is to be found the Grand Palais deliciously filled to the brim with incredible images from David LaChapelle to Hendrik Kerstens.

This exhibition is a collection of the most credible photographers from 35 different countries & is one of the only exhibitions where you can lust over an original hand-printed Cartier Bresson & turn a corner nearby to find George Clooney directing a film set full of scantily clad women by Annie Lebovitz.


From the surrealist dream-like urban landscapes  of Dave Lachappelle to William Eggleston’s minimalist suburban ease , this exhibition is a melting pot of the greats , fans like us walk past and almost salivate at the sights.

Galleries from all across the world assemble their precious prints –most with price tags that will make your eyes water, to display and sell to art buyers and of course to the darling, giddy and enthralled fanatics who really just appreciate good prints.

Just over 60,000 people visited Paris Photo at the Grand Palais over the 5 day exhibition. Those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of attending this year – there’s plenty of time to save up those pennies & head to Los Angeles for LA Photo 1st & 3rd May 2015.

Alexandra Mantoura