Nadia Lee Cohen Photographs 100 Real Naked Women

100 Naked Women is the title of the new project London-based photographer Nadia Cohen is launching. The message is clear: she wants real women posing in front of her camera.

100 Naked Women is a bold and colourful collection. The settings and women’s attitudes convey the feeling of a retro movie scenario. And, as the title suggests, the subjects are mostly naked. One shot features a stunning blondie who looks like Marilyn Monroe, smoking a cigarette in front of a picture of John F. Kennedy. Another one pictures a striking redhead wearing an open Mc Donald’s uniform. Some shots associate nudity with food, radiating a confusing combination of sensuality and rawness.


Credit: Nadia Lee Cohen


Credit: Nadia Lee Cohen

Naked Glory
With her project, Cohen aims at representing the woman’s body the way it is: with different shapes. She is confronting the fashion industry’s unrealistic depiction of the female body. In her series, women have different looks and bodies, but they are all beautiful in their own way. She is not shooting professional models. Instead, she started photographing friends who she felt inspired self-confidence. Then, she called a casting on the social media, and an overwhelming number of women were willing to be part of this experience.

“I’ve always felt confident in my body, which is why I got my tits out for Nadia,” shares Soki, one of the subjects.

The artist herself was once on the other side of the camera:

‘Having been photographed in a state of nudity in the past, I discovered it to be curiously liberating and wanted to offer this experience to others,’ she explains in an interview for Metro UK.

The 24-year-old hasn’t reached the 100 yet, but when she does, she wants to publish the collection in a book.

She is currently still recruiting for new (non) models, so feel -literally- free to check her Instagram and Twitter pages.

You can see the whole Masters Of Photography Series on

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