Italian Photographer Giuseppe Pepe Loosing His Mind

‘Loosing My Mind’, is the project’s name of Italian, alien-believer, designer Giuseppe Pepe. The 29-year-old creative decided to decapitate his models’ heads off, and the result of his experiment is quite unique.

 “We all often loose our head for something or someone, it may happen every day or at least once in a life time,” he shares.

Every picture is taken in a different, colourful setting. From riding a dromedary and playing guitar on stage, to drinking thee and blowing a party whistle, Pepe’s work features the most random situations you could think of. Some pictures are funny, others are a bit scary, but they are all quite disturbing. You must admit that a selfless selfie is quite unusual…


Credit: Pepedsgn

The young artist invites everyone on the Instagram community to take part of this project. Have a look and get inspired… How would you look without your head?

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Souria Cheurfi