BESS NYC Goes Bloody Prints

New-York-based fashion brand BESS NYC just released a striking series of prints. The collection is an unexpected combination of fashion ads, body anatomy pictures and S/M photographs.

Doug Abraham is the name behind the brand. The artist has published a collection of images, collages and prints that will not go unnoticed. He creates a juxtaposition of fashion ads, blood, wounded skin, body anatomy images, and even s/m scenes. His work creates a collision between black & white, and red.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.33.14 am

About BESS
BESS is a New-York-based fashion store launched in 2000 by Doug Abraham. He named his brand BESS after his wife’s name, how cute is that? The designer studied at the Museum of Fine Arts School and fell into fashion by accident. BESS was originally selling jewellery, but when they moved to 292 Lafayette Street, they started selling vintage clothes, posters and furniture.

“We started mixing in vintage punk biker jackets and shredded Victorian dresses with the jewellery and objects we sold. We began using studs on vintage and then making clothes.”
Explains Doug in an interview for Urban Outfitters.

Now he has gone print, so it seems like the artist hasn’t finished expending.

Discover his intriguing work…


Souria Cheurfi