NYFW Sees ‘Jungle Book’ Inspired Fashion



New York Fashion Week is currently on, which means fashion enthusiasts are treated to a world of monochrome, oversized hats, sky-high heels and whatever other trend is on point this season. However, there was one designer who took an entirely unique (and rather Jungle Book-esque) approach to his collection – Bobby Abley.


The audience was hit with a huge dose of nostalgia when the London-based designer’s collection hit the runway, as models strutted along in some rather interesting Jungle Book themed ensembles, with special guests Baloo and Bagheera, of course!


If you can’t tell by the sheer success and brilliance of the collection, this was not Abley’s first time drawing inspiration from a beloved Disney favourite – in fact the designer brought The Little Mermaid to life in his 2014 menswear collection.


The Jungle Book clad male models also sported crop tops, sweatpants with drawstring ankles, backpacks, furry headwear and bold sneakers, while a couple also clutched teddy bears in one hand.




Abley picked the perfect time to debut his Jungle Book collection, with a film adaptation of the Disney story currently underway.


From what we have seen from luxury designers everywhere, pop culture in fashion means sparkling success and memorable collections. Among some of our other favourite cartoon characters to appear on the catwalk are Mickey Mouse by Marc Jacobs and Spongebob Squarepants by Jeremy Scott for Moschino. Jeremy Scott shows a heavy pop culture presence in his collections, from Shrek to Barbie, and you can read more about it here.




Aleisha Gearside