GARAGE Magazine’s Fresh New Take on Covers

GARAGE Magazine has released a new series of covers with a twist, shot by renowned leading photographer, Phil Poynter.  The dynamic images were formed by an array of talented names, displaying makeup by Pat McGrath and featuring a line-up of top models – Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Lara Stone and Binx Walton as well as FIB’s very own ‘it girl’ Cara Delavigne who features in Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Top Models Vol 61 “It Girls.”

The editorial has been transformed into a three-dimensional display of vibrantly coloured and digitally edited models wearing Beats by Dre headphones with use of the GARAGE Mag app to create amazing sci-fi inspired animations.  Pat McGrath’s brilliant designs present the models engulfed in graphite scribbles, crystals, smoke, an android mask and shrink wrap, transforming the beauties into alien-like simulations.  Each are combined with music and sound effects created by Alex Da Kid and Finger Music, adding to the vivid experience.



Each of the images in the series have been equipped with a barcode that allows users to scan with their GARAGE Mag app to see the supermodels come to life in what GARAGE describes as a “3-D moving metamorphosis.”

The innovative series explores the combination of print and digital media and the relationship they have as well as the correlation this signifies between reality and enhanced, amplified representations. Technology allows a cross-over between these lines which opens up an entirely new creative field for artists to work with. This interactive play reaches out to readers and allows a reciprocal connection between readers and the media outlet.

Check out the animations below!

Garage Magazine Augmented Reality App from The Mill on Vimeo.