Opening Ceremony x Spike Jonze Photography

Opening Ceremony and photographer Spike Jonze joined their talent for the NYFW. Not only does the OC collection parade prints from Jonze’s work, but the whole show was also turned into a photography exhibition.


The fashion show took place in an exhibition room. Or was it the exhibition that took place at a runway? In any case, the combination of Jonze’s skateboarding 35-mm photographs and OC’s AW2015 collection worked seamlessly. For this one-night-only exhibition, we got to discover exclusive 1985-2005 photos from Jonze’s archive. The photographs feature the evolution of BMXing, the underground skate culture in Los Angeles, early images of Sonic Youth and even Björk, the Beastie Boys and Kurt Cobain.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon had already worked with the talented photographer, film and music video director and Oscar-winning screenwriter. Indeed, last season, Jonze interpreted the Opening Ceremony story, staging a one-act play on the retailer-turned-label’s history for its show.

With vintage skateboarding photos and old school Kodak logos, this year’s collab’ definitely let the nostalgia sink of the 90s.