Will The Change of Mumford And Sons Sound Be A Success?

Mumford and Sons. Photo from thetimes.co.uk

The band known for their banjo ballads have said that they are going ‘electric’ and will no longer have their prominent folk sound. The shock follows the anticipated release of their 3rd studio album and the bands ruminating thought of we can’t keep doing the same thing – a timely dilemma faced by musicians.

The new album Wilder Mind will be out on May 4. It won’t have the bands trademark acoustic, banjo, heavy-stomping increments, it will have a newer and possibly a ore bolder sound. The band want to show their artistic range and say that they have more musical interests besides what they have done on their previous albums.

Since their acclaimed hit album Sigh No More the band have been touring non stop. In 2013 they recently had the chance to sit down and focus on creating something different and new. The band seem to be more focused on a heavier genre, focusing on electric leads and even electronic drum tracks to accompany.

Mumford--Sons-006 the gaurdian
Mumford and Sons. Photo from theguardian.com

The band writes about all types of relationships, drawing from past experiences and their current state of happiness and woe. Mumford and Sons experiences add to their emotive music and charm. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Mumford talks about their album Wilder Mind and says,

“Anyone was able to pick up a synth, or a drum machine, or electric guitar and just create.”

The new sound of Mumford And Sons is sure to have critics in a fluster, whether they can pull off the new sound and also remain successful with a different branding remains another question. Mumford And Sons seem to be appealing to a bigger market. Sales in the Rock genre are at an all time high.