The Never Heard Jimi Hendrix Track

Jimi Hendrix, voted Rolling Stone’s Best Guitarist of All Time has had an old track released today.

VARIOUS - 1967
Jimi Hendrix. Image from the

Hendrix’s songs over the years since his death in 1970 have been released and remastered many times and many are skeptical that there truly is a fresh song.

The Daily Beast has the track on their website and it was exclusively released to be the world’s first premiere. It should be noted that all the remastering of Hendrix’s songs and re-releases compile into albums every so often.

The track Station Break has had mixed reviews with many critics and “fans” remarking that it should not be newsworthy. Some were even furious that the song was released.

It can be argued that perhaps Station Break is not up to the elite Hendrix quality that is presented through the ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’ years.

Jimi Hendrix. Image from

Does that mean that we cannot appreciate it or even feel that he is still alive through the new release? Would Hendrix really mind? After all, it is his work that has inspired and encouraged so many musicians to pick up a guitar.

Shouldn’t we be celebrating Hendrix’s career instead of slamming one of his unreleased songs?