This Is What It Sounds Like When Prince Tours

Prince has just announced that he will be touring the United States. The tour will commence March 14th, with tickets having just been released for sale.

prince side view
Prince. Image from

The tour follows Prince’s spontaneous performances throughout Europe and the UK – such late notice shows that Prince likes to surprise the music world and his beloved fans with shows.

He was promoting his solo album Art Official Age and his project with 3rdEyeGirl and their album, Plectrumelectrum.

The trend of promoting musicians seems to be steering towards the self-promotion of the artists, with most notably Beyonce dropping her recent self titled album on iTunes last year with absolutely no word of warning.

His tour has no other dates as of yet and it is advised to be ready and willing to be shocked with Prince’s spontaneity. The nature and history of Prince and his tours suggests that he will announce the next show at any given time.

Prince. Image from

Prince will be forever taking the music world by storm; he has been contributing to artists such as Rihanna, featuring on her upcoming album Home. In 2011 Prince even covered Rihanna’s Rude Boy at his own concert. Isn’t it nice when artists get along and inspire each other?

Prince is soon to be featured in Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Masters of Music Volume 25 and will soon be available to purchase from Amazon Books.