Tumblr Of The Month: Will It Beard

Lego’s, grapefruit, headphones, toothpicks, flowers, clips,… Will all these things beard?

Red Poppy Photos by Stacy Thiot

Last month we shared Where I see Fashion, the fantastic work of fashion-obsessed Bianca Luini. But this time, the subject is a little bit more hairy… Pierce Thiot’s obsession is his beard! The artist and his wife Stacy Thiot created this bizarre, but fun Tumblr called Will It Beard consisting in sticking random objects in Pierce’s beard and photographing the result.

The idea came up when he decided to store a pen in his beard at work. Later, as he visited his mother over Christmas break:

“My mom had her grandkids do a talent show for her (she’s an adorable grandma). I tried to put as many pencils as possible in it for my ‘talent’. I got over 20. Needless to say, my mother was very proud.”

You have no idea what can fit in this beard…