Kanye West Set to Headline Glastonbury 2015

Kanye has just announced that he will be headlining Glastonbury in 2015, alongside the Foo Fighters. Rihanna, Adele, Florence And The Machine and Coldplay are all also rumoured to make an appearance. The Yeezus creator is the first rapper to ever headline the music festival.

Kanye West. Image from noisy.vice.com


Yeezy’s performance is under much scrutiny, with a petition being disseminated to intervene with his presence at Glastonbury. The reason behind this is that hip-hop does not traditionally endorse the use of guitars and well, it isn’t rock music.

Perhaps if Kanye wasn’t Kanye people wouldn’t be as reluctant to support the first ever hip-hop headline. Outspoken Oasis frontman, Noel Gallagher has given his two cents on the matter, saying:

“Having hip-hop at Glastonbury is wrong…”

Back in 2008, Gallagher was even more outspoken about Jay Z’s performance announcement:

“Sorry, but Jay-Z? F*cking no chance.”

Noel Gallagher. Photograph by Dean Chalkley.

It seems like Gallagher is trying to stay relevant through blurting out his angry thoughts so that he stays the centre of attention, a train of thought that Kanye shares – and also every toddler.

Kanye’s recent attack on the music industry involved the Grammy-Award winning Beck, and it seems that if you have international status and are relevant to popular culture that it is okay to weigh in on the matter of who should perform or who should win awards.

Despite the implicit targeting of personas, a whole genre should not be discriminated against. Music does after all involve more than one genre… Even if the genre does not solely rely on guitars.

Glastonbury for any musician is the biggest honour to perform live at. It is musically known as one of the worlds most celebrated musical events. It seems that the out-of-line, oops – I mean outspoken Oasis frontman needs to learn how to respect artistry…

…for everyone’s sake – as Kanye would put it.