FKA Twigs Hair Style Has A Name

That’s right, you heard correctly. The gelled down side-hairs that are placed on the face of FKA Twigs has a name. It’s called ‘Baby Hair’ or ‘Baby Burns’. The new on-set trend has been spotted on artists from Rihanna to Katy Perry and has even featured on the Givenchy catwalk.

Paris Fashion Givenchy
Givenchy Catwalk. Image from

The trend of gelling down your front wispy-hairs into all kinds of insane patterns has taken the fashion world by storm – our expectation is that we all hold on to our wispy haired hats to see this trend become more prominent with the questionable new FKA Twigs music video, Glass & Patron.

The style has been adapted from Latina and African American hairstyles in the US and the high-fashion appropriation of it has caused a stir with these communities because of the lack of appropriate inspiration attribution. The appropriation actually came from Latin and African American women of these groups wanting to highlight their heritage by making their hairstyles more distinct – something that the singer Chilli from girl group TLC made a popular trend in the ’90s.

FKAtwigs. Image from

Whether you love or loathe the new trend of ‘baby’ hair, it will be interesting to watch as the style grows how people will react. Everyone seems to be getting over the undercut look, so it was only a matter of time before a newer trend came in and swept everything else that stands out away with a big, bad comb.