Numéro Cent As Monsieur Louboutin Opens Beauty Shrine

Welcome to church... Photo Credit:
Welcome to church… Photo Credit:


The very same street that houses Louboutin’s flagship boutique is now the proud home of another Louboutin-inspired “shrine” and will be, according to the designer, “dedicated to beauty.”

Not one for over-complicating beautification, the shop will only sell nail polishes, of which there are over a hundred: “heels offer a gesture to the leg, and nail colour… a gesture to the hand,” said Louboutin last week.

Nestled comfortably in Passage Vero-Dodat on the first arondissement, Louboutin’s latest venture looks right at home in the fashionable district of Galérie Vero-Dodat and features clean white walls with small alcoves dotted throughout, to highlight the various colours of lacquer on show.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:


The colour’s behind each bottle change regularly, creating what has been described as a “kaleidoscope” effect – and a skylight features on the first floor. Objets d’art, indeed.

Louboutin worked closely with renowned interior architect, Pierre Yovanovitch to create the space, and according to Yovanovitch, the space is what they term “a global aesthetic concept.”

“He showed me this faceted nail colour bottle crowned with this black spear cap, [so] I thought [we should] establish a contemporary space amidst this historical Parisian passage that [would] redefine the aesthetic approach to beauty so dear to Christian.

I want people to think ‘this is different, what is this place?’”

Not your standard dressing room. Photo Credit:
Not your standard dressing room. Photo Credit:


And, looking at these shots, we think that they will.

To give you an idea of the ‘aesthetic’ the respective artist’s refer to; this season’s theme of block prints from Monsieur Louboutin’s Triabalou Collection (via LuxuryLaunches), is a feature of the upstairs domain and is starkly contrasted to the powder room next door to it.

For religious fashion-fanatics, this shrine will be one worth giving penance to every Sunday.