Ukraine Youth by Daniel King

What is it like to be a teenager in Ukraine today? Australian photographer Daniel King flew all the way to Eastern Europe in search of the answer, in pictures of course.


In 2013, Daniel King took a flight to Kiev in order to document what is going on in Ukraine from the youth’s point of view. After being moved to East Kharkiv, King made a bunch of friends. They moved into an apartment together, which gave King a great opportunity to document his new friends in their everyday lives. The artist found himself right in the middle of the revolution and decided to share his experience in his photography book entitled Ukraine Youth.


“They are the future of Ukraine and yet, they have no reference point or guidance from older generations.”
Daniel King


No Drama
Daniel King explained in an interview for Dazed that this project is not focused on tragedy. On the contrary, the photographer wanted to highlight that despite the drastic political changes Ukraine is going through, the country’s youth seems pretty calm.


“My impression of all the youth was that they are incredibly strong, individual, and content.”
Daniel King

Want to find out more about this photo documentary? Ukraine Youth is now available here.