Kanye West Performs Live In Swan Lake

Kanye West took to the streets of Armenia yesterday and did what any great performer would do – jump into a lake. Swan Lake in the Armenian capital of Yerevan was a show-stoppingly perfect place for Yeezus to inhabit the soul of a glorious swan and perform his hit song “Good Life”. 

Kanye West’ Live Performance in Armenia. Picture from entertainthis.usatoday.com

His harmonious dive was swiftly followed by his fans (read: little chicks) and the performance was swiftly shut down by local authorities.

The rest of the world has mixed views on Kanye being an infant trapped in an older mans body, with some people being more accepting than others on the matter.

Kanye fans took to the streets of Yerevan Armenia when Kim Kardashian-West tweeted:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.14.38 pm

There you have it, Kanye did something nice without demanding money and the world still got to know about it through Kim Kardashian.