Iggy And Britney Collaboration

Iggy and Britney in the ‘Pretty Girls’ film clip. Picture source from youtube.com preview.

The rumours are true! Britney Spears, former child star, former Justin Timberlake lover and all round ’90s pop princess will collaborate with Iggy Azalea (Ms Rap Queen) in a new song called ‘Pretty Girls’. Will it be vain or will it be a pop hit? Only snippets of the song have been leaked on the internet from Vegas where they started recording for their ’80s-esque video shoot.

Azalea took to Instagram this week to post a picture of her hair crimped and her face made up in a way that resembled the better half of the ’80s with the hash-tag ‘Pretty Girls’, and Spears mirrored this. Here she is pictured in an orange car in leopard print with what appears to be lyrics to the song: “girls roll up, windows roll down, eyes on us, jaws on the ground.”

Speculation of the release date for the song and the video will be early next month in May. Azalea revealed in an interview that the song will feature as the first track for Spear’s ninth studio album which was first broken by Entertainment Tonight. 

Image from rapwave.net

We hope that this is the comeback that Britney needs, as her most recent album ‘Britney Jean’ was her least successful album ever – despite the song ‘Work B*tch’ (notably the best song from the bust), which we have on replay.