Splendour Line-Up Officially Announced

The Splendour Line Up has been announced! So, in celebration Fashion Industry Broadcast has hand selected the top five hottest acts for you to see when you reach the sunny parklands of North Byron.


Client Liaison

This synth pop duo have been making waves around the globe with their ‘80s flashback style. Think mullets, synthesizers, John Farnham and fluoro-forehead sweat bands. ‘Nuff said.



Harvey Sutherland

Mr. Sutherland is no stranger to a packed dancefloor. Just take a listen to his latest EP, ‘Brothers’ released on the Voyage label. His arrangements of oscillators and warm synthesized keys will get those hips swinging.



Noise In My Head

It’s almost impossible to place N.I.M.H. in a box. The Aussie DJ’s eclectic taste in electro, breakbeat and techno is most definitely his biggest draw card. Whatever genre N.I.M.H. decides to roll with you can bet it will be funky and danceable.




The psych-rock sound of Pond is reminiscent of David Bowie, Dinosaur Jr. and Marc Bolan. It’s a frenzy of sleazy guitar licks, dreamy guitar chords and some of the most head-banging breakdowns you can imagine. Let your hair down for this one.




This Melbourne-based outfit is a mix of Radiohead from the ‘Kid A’ days and the vivid textures of James Blake. These guys have a seriously big future ahead of them with the release of their latest EP ‘Fifty-Phiphti / Asakusa’, on their very own Melbourne-based imprint Solitaire Recordings.


For the full lineup go to splendourinthegrass.com