Jack White Hiatus

The mischievous Jack White stole the spotlight at Coachella for his final performance last weekend and he’s evidently on a hiatus. Cue tears.

from consequence of sound on wordpress Jack White at Coachella 19 April
Jack White From Coachella Music and Arts Festival, April 19. Picture from consequence of sound on WordPress.

A press release from White’s representatives stated:

“He will be taking a break from performing live for a long period of time.”

Jack White played the White Stripes anthem ‘Seven Nation Army’ at his previous performance at Coachella which turned into a lengthy jam spanning over nine minutes. Jack White performed to his fullest potential and excitedly engaged with the crowd. 

“I want you to do me a favour… Do everything you can, tell everyone you know, and the children that you have one day, that music is sacred. Treat musicians with as much respect as you treat actors, directors, and film studios. Treat your local punk bands as well as you treat the new blockbuster movie.”

To all the lucky music lovers who witnessed the dazzling performance of Jack White at Coachella, keep that memory locked up safe ’cause it looks like it might be the last time you see Mr White live. In ant case, it was definitely the last time you’d see him playing electrically.

josephmaynard.co.uk Jack White Red Pic
Picture from josephmaynard.co.uk, Jack White.

Before his hiatus starts he will play five surprise shows in five different states in America. White will be charging just $3 a ticket for his acoustic sets and we will miss his quirky antics – perhaps being one of the gang leaders for Tidal became too much for him?