Miranda Kerr – Making 32 Look Better Than 23

The fresh-faced Miranda Kerr has just celebrated her 32nd birthday this week and is looking more radiant than ever. Representing the land down under in a huge way, Kerr, the first Aussie to be a part of the iconic brand, Victoria’s Secret, may be another year older but clearly isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Dolly Magazine April 1997
Photo Credit: Dolly Magazine April 1997

Taking a walk down memory lane, it’s easy to see why this Sydney-born supermodel has had such an impact in this industry. Discovered at an age where most are in the midst of suffering the perils of awkwardness; in 1997 13-year-old Kerr won Dolly Magazine’s Model Search, but not without creating quite the uproar due to her early exposure to the industry.

Lucky for us, she hasn’t looked back – catapulting her way to the forefront of the modelling world. When Dolly selected Kerr as the perfect doe-eyed doll to be awarded as the winner, they would soon find out they had hit the jackpot.  Kerr is at the top of her game and is a modelling mogul in her own right.

What’s probably most surprising is that the bombshell beauty seemingly doesn’t age. If you look back at her first photoshoot with the young girls’ rag, even though she was 14 at the time she is still highly recognizable.  It seems as though she has mastered drinking water from the fountain of youth, or perhaps is experiencing some sort of Benjamin Button phenomenon.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Over the years she has worked for massive brands such as being the face for Australian up-market shop David Jones, she’s made Swarovski advertisements sparkle more than diamonds, and of course made angels sing as she walked down runways for VS. With her natural glow and beauty she has even brought her fresh face to advertising her own skin care line, KORA Organics.

It’s clear with her gorgeous appearance and superb talent that there is no slowing her down with anything she does.  She has done so much with the years she has been active and still has managed to balance a great family life with her career, so we’re looking forward to seeing what opportunities she capitalizes on in the future.

With how youthful she looks we feel like Miranda should be celebrating her 23rd birthday, but one thing we can agree on is that we all owe a huge thank you to Dolly for discovering such a wonderful woman. Here’s to another magnificent year, Miranda!

Photo Credit:  Seth Sabal
Photo Credit: Seth Sabal