Rihanna And Chris Brown Leaked Duet – An Open Letter To RiRi

Wow. So, it’s no surprise that the two have collaborated – even after the low-life beat the living daylights out of Rihanna (FYI – he’s not popular at our offices. Calling names is okay when people do unforgivable and evidential things, and it’s not slander when it’s true). 

Let the rage ensue, breathe in and out and keep reading.

Picture from thehollywoodgossip.com

No catchy tune should endorse a possessive relationship, I mean, look at what happened to that, what was it, ‘Blurred Lines’ song? Oh yeah, the writers got sued by Marvin Gaye’s family… for over 7 mill! The song didn’t sound remotely similar to Gaye’s song ‘Got To Give It Up’, but we’re still happy that the national anthem for rape culture got served. In 2009 Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship ended and in 2011 they collaborated again. To outsiders, it seemed like they were back together. They wrote the ‘Birthday Cake’ remix which featured on Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album in 2011, and later, Rihanna released ‘Nobody’s Business’ which was another duet. To us, it kind of spoke for itself.

‘Put It Up’, the leaked track from 2013 delves into what seems to be their raunchy and down-right dysfunctional relationship. It seems that the boycott Chris Brown bandwagon sailed long ago, though many are still enraged. Although it’s all and well to let go of the past, people should still feel uncomfortable for his behaviour (…and this song…).

If you don’t want to listen to the song (side note: totally understandable), stay away, but if you want the insight into the f*cked up relationship, it might be worth it. The bass is catchy and the annoying clicking that reinforces the beat was maybe one of the reasons why it was not released. The lyrics shout red alert signs with the main repetition of: “I’m going to explore all of your body / your property, treat me like I’m your property.”

NOOOO RIRI. This is how jealousy and miscommunication (read: total abuse) in relationships ensue. Please, just… please stop it. Why on earth would you want this leaked? Why? Why did you do this?

“Baby ain’t no need to be scared of me, I guarantee that I’m not a mistake. Im’ma give it all of my love and I hope that you won’t misplace it. You created this sh*t. Going insane with all of this fear. Can’t turn my back on this love. Gotta face it.”

‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ Performance at iHeart Radio. Picture from highsnobiety.com

Blatantly this is is borderline endorsing domestic violence. Rihanna, you’re going insane with fear because your ex-boyfriend bashed you… the love was misplaced because you were treated horrendously.

As for the reason ‘Put It Up’ was not released? Well It seems like when the couple were back together in 2013, they broke up before Chris released his album X in 2014. It’s safe to say that Rihanna turned her back on the love (thank the heavens) and actually faced the deeper truth of the relationship. And that was it being complete sh*t.