Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo – Exclusive Fall Collection

Founder and editor of CR Fashion Book, former editor-in-chief of French Vogue and global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar, Carine Roitfeld is now trying her luck in fashion design, and it’s no secret that she has had plenty of experience in setting trends.

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Photo: Hedi Slimane

A fan of sleek pencil skirts, silk blouses and sky high stilettos, Roitfeld is the perfect example of ageless chic. Her fashion-forward nature is now being shared in a new way with the rest of us through a collaboration with Japan’s most expansive retailer Uniqlo. Roitfeld’s capsule women collection for fall consists of 40 pieces and aims to elevate a woman’s style by mirroring her own:

“I started from the idea of clothes that I would want to wear myself. [I] developed this intoclothes that anyone would want to wear, a woman’s ideal of clothes that make her feel transformed when she wears them.”

Whilst she may not be the first person you associate with Uniqlo, this collaboration is about to reach new horizons. Roitfeld will be working on the LifeWear offering, a collection that focuses on pieces which are mildly adapted to each season and continue to resonate throughout all of them. This steers way from outlandish designs, and fits in well with Roitfeld’s own personal taste.

Roitfeld’s typical style

There’s no clear cut preview of what the pieces will look like, but it’s not hard to imagine when considering Roitfeld’s predisposition towards trim silhouettes, precision heels, and a monochromatic black palette. The result of these ingredients together can only be beyond incredible. Roitfeld’s first exclusive collection should be available from October 2015.