Chloë Sevigny: Coolest Girl In The World?

The Down Town NYC style icon has just released a tome of her best looks.

Its a great thing, for someone to feel that they can draw inspiration from you.”

Chloë Sevingy has become an entire generation’s enduring style icon and has been working on what she dubs a “Chloë Book”. And we love it. Chloë Sevigny, courtesy of Rizzoli, is a photobook that celebrates her eclectic style and unconventional beauty by chronicling her life in photographs – from her days as a teenage nineties skater girl to her nights as a high-fashion muse.


Photo Credit: Chloë Sevigny Book


Sevigny decided to publish the book after visiting Tokyo a few years earlier. She spotted a fan–book of her personal style and got inspired to put together her own volume with publishing house Rizzoli. The pictorial story spans out her lifetime in chronological order, and so Chloë is now not just the coolest kid on the block, but in the world. According to Dazed & Confused:

Chloë is the girl of the moment because the moment needs her more than she needs the attention.”

gallery-1429547250-chloesevigny-coverThis book is the ultimate ode to her quirky and avant-garde fashion sense. Chloë Sevigny is a deeply personal illustrated chronicle that depicts the evolution of her unique style. Sevigny personalised the picture book by incorporating some of her treasured memorabilia, such as polaroids, zine pages, casting flyers and notes from her very own personal planner. In fact, think of this as the official shrine to her famed style.

This book is not a style guide; it’s an artistic book with a collection of images and ephemera. The book, released on April 21, includes everything from early modelling snaps published in Sassy Magazine to personal photos taken in high school. It is a celebration of her daring personal style: looking cool without even trying.

This Rizzoli publication will appeal to and become a style bible to Chloë Sevigny’s legions of fans and followers from around the world, or to anyone who is simply looking for that quirky sense of style.

About Chloe

gallery-1429547674-hbz-chloe-4Sevingy has been a fashion inspiration for the past three decades, beginning in the early 1990’s when she made her debut modelling for New York’s Sassy Magazine. She was discovered by Andrea Lee Linell, fashion editor at Sassy:

“I saw Chloe and I thought, ‘Oh, we have to put her in the shot,’ but the producers said: ‘No, she’s really weird looking.’” 

Consequently, Linett stuck her in the commercial anyway and asked her to do a shoot for The New Yorker in November of 1994.

When Sevigny was just 19 years old, The New Yorker trialled her for a profile piece and proclaimed her the coolest girl in the world.

And then, it all happened: she appeared in a Sonic Youth video, starred in a very controversial independent movie titled Kids (1995) and became the face of luxury brand Chloe. In 1999 she emerged as one of Hollywood’s most critically-acclaimed young actresses and became a very recognisable face. Since these career moves, Sevingy has racked up a cult of film credits, starring in dozens of films and television series and traveling down the path of entrepreneurship by starting her own fashion label with a trendy global boutique, Opening Ceremony.

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