profile55Anthea Hansen has had a creative passion for writing ever since she could remember. Her love of musical genres ranges from heavy metal to pop. She studied the flute and guitar when she was younger and feels that is why she is so appreciative of all musical genres. Music journalism has been Anthea’s striving goal as it combines her two loves of writing and music. Anthea studied at Macquarie University a Bachelor of Arts in Media whilst majoring in Music Production. Her music production interest allows for her to appreciate the science of how sound is recorded and produced. Her journalism study has steered her to have a keen eye for current events in the world and also in popular culture. Anthea is keen to continue to learn the ropes of journalism in the ever expanding music industry after studying her degree for nearly four years. When Anthea is not writing about the music world she enjoys listening to music, reading, Netflix  gym, gelato, soaking up wisdom from inspiring people and finding new places to eat gelato (and food) at.