kelli_editKelli Strong was born outside of Milan, a recognized fashion capital of the world -you could say fashion runs in her blood. Before her American parents moved back to their home state of Oregon, they made the most of their time in Italy and visited many neighbouring European countries. Travel ignited Kelli’s fascination with people and culture which prompted her to attend the University of Oregon and study Sociology. Graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology, Kelli also double-minored in business administration and journalism. With not solely an interest for fashion, she studied the flute and French for many years, growing a well-rounded appreciation of the arts in general. Currently in the midst of rediscovering her love for travel, Kelli moved to Australia on her own in 2014 after taking an international travel hiatus of almost a decade. Having an appreciation of good journalism, Kelli is excited to write for Fashion Industry Broadcast and keen to expand her knowledge of the industry as well as journalism. Up for adventures big and small, Kelli also enjoys expensive cats, strong coffee, and expanding her palate with new foods.