Ralph Lauren Serves Up Another Ace

Wimbledon is almost upon us, and for those select fans of fashion who don’t know their slices from their deuces, this can only mean one thing: the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection is here!

Ralph Lauren 1
Fancy. Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine


In classically preppy fashion, the US brand – official sponsors of the revered tournament since 2006 – have released a collection that plays on traditional conventions with a mildly modern twist on iconic sporting aesthetic.

The essential Ralph Lauren polo is there, of course, along with the knitted woolen cricket jumpers that have become a mainstay with the brand. But for those who prefer a little practicality with their prep, a more contemporary zip-up sports jacket is also featured. Thigh-high shorts and skirts are found within the campaign as well: a fitting choice, since our sources indicate that tennis is often, if not exclusively, played in shorts and skirts.

However, such logic doesn’t apply to the inclusion of a white, double-breasted jacket. It’s certainly a stunning item, no two ways about it. How will it hold up on the grass courts of Wimbledon? That remains to be seen, but by our reckoning… not well. At the very least, such a garment would add an extra touch of class to what is already considered the classiest of sporting events.

Huzzah! Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine.
“We did it, lads! Huzzah! Huzzah!” Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine.


The accompanying campaign is quintessential Ralph Lauren: a black-and-white collection of beautiful, square-jawed models elegantly draped in multiple layers – none of whom actually seem prepared to play a game of tennis. But let’s be honest: when you look that dapper, you’ve already won without ever having to pick up a racquet.

For those interested in the legendary tennis tournament, Wimbledon begins on the 29 June and runs until the 12 July. In the meantime, enjoy the coinciding Ralph Lauren campaign with this bevy of beautiful images:

Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine
Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine
Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine
Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine
Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine
Wimbledon, by way of West Side Story. Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine