Fashion And Wit Evidently Go Hand In Hand

“Humour makes a difference to the monotony of what is already out there. And it’s something you wouldn’t expect from a luxury brand. That’s what makes it surprising, because people have this preconception that luxury is just meant to be serious and perfect.” Sandra Choi (creative director of Jimmy Choo).

This British footwear and accessories label is showcasing their whimsical side with exclusive animations of Jimmy Choo, the bull-terrier. However, Choo is not just your typical pup. He is a dog that is known for belting a tune into a microphone, flying high over the city lights, sharing noodles with Lady and The Tramp and posing for a mug-shot after a bank robbery. The terrier is owned by Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso: a man who has made his beloved pup the subject of his brilliant work.

Jimmy Choo. Photo Credit: boredpanda
Jimmy Choo. Photo Credit: boredpanda

So, it all started when Mantesso was divorced and left with an empty house and Jimmy Choo.  Over time, the artist began filling in the bland white walls of his house with tongue-in-cheek illustrations. He then began photographing his terrier against his works of art in a very comical, witty manner. It didn’t take long for his hilarious illustrations to reach out to Sandra Choi, the creative director of luxury brand Jimmy Choo, after whom the dog was named.

“I had friends all over the world telling me about this Jimmy Choo dog and sending me links to [Mantesso’s] work,” said Choi. “His illustrations are so instant and spontaneous; I was instantly charmed.”

Jimmy Choo. Photo Credit: boredpanda

Choi was so enchanted by Mantesso’s illustrations that she even collaborated with the artist to design a capsule collection for pre-fall 2015. This collection features tote bags, cosmetic pouches, purses and iPhone cases.

It comes as no surprise that Choi of Jimmy Choo has harnessed humour in her works.  All it takes is one look at the Cruise Collection, where the brand has taken their classic ‘candy bag’ and put a gold fish print on it… a classic bag transformed with a witty rendition.

“The humour-inspired pieces always sell out the moment they hit the shop floor. Barneys [New York] sold out a few days after launch. We still find ourselves replenishing stock several times within each season.”

Jimmy Choo. Photo Credit: boredpanda

Choi believes that embracing humour and wit is a very theatrical extravagance that makes for a powerful and memorable marketing communications strategy. The label Jimmy Choo is proving wit to be a successful tool to gain edge within the industry, as consumers are responding well to this refreshing, light-hearted side of fashion.

In the sea of serious, there are also some other brands on board with wit.  Perhaps Tony the Tiger rings a bell? Anya Hindmarch is the creator of the ridiculous Tony the Tiger emblazoned bags and cereal box clutches. She has taken the mascot for Kellogg’s Frosties (the breakfast cereal) and stamped it on her bags… oddly, it took off. Designed with a brimming childhood nostalgia of cereal packets, these Anya Hindmarch clutches are crafted from python skin that blends exoticism with creative wearability.

Anya Hindmarch cereal box clutches. Photo Credit: Anya Hindmarch


In accordance with the brands whimsical mannerisms, the Autumn/Winter collection is traffic-stopping… literally. The collection features leather clutches and tote bags which are stamped with everyday roadwork signs, reading ‘No U-Turn’ and ‘Slow Down’.

“We have a story and inspiration which changes seasonally, but wit has always been at the heart of what we do. It’s part of our brand DNA,” said Hindmarch.

Fashion is a form of art and expression that evidently does not always have to be sober. These designers all have the ability to fuse aspects of ordinary life with their high-fashion label collections: their witty pieces set them apart from contemporaries, influencing their consumers to believe that you can still have a sense of humour and be elegant. Perhaps a message delivered with humour and wit is more effective than one without? Personally, I would certainly not spend$1,900 (according to the Anya Hindmarch official website) on a ‘cereal box’ snake skin clutch, but as it turns out a number of people will…