Feels: The New Way Of Modelling

It used to be, that in the past, the only piece of technology associated with models really were the cameras that they posed in front of. Yet these days technology is not only more integrated into the business of modelling than ever before, but models themselves have to be pros with using and keeping up with it as well. 


Models mastering social media at this year's Met Gala Photo Credit: Fashiongonerogue
Models mastering social media at this year’s Met Gala. Photo Credit: Fashiongonerogue.


Social media has had a massive impact on the world of modelling, almost reinventing it. The ladies and gents that are on top of their game in this industry have proven their ability to work a smart phone in the most intelligent way possible. They are masterminds when it comes to Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram.

In a time when modelling can be arguably the easiest and hardest time to break into the business; one app launched by Apple earlier this month is aiding in the process and alleviating some of the troubles.


Model using Feels App Photo Credit: Storm Mollison
Model using Feels. Photo Credit: Storm Mollison.


The name of the app is just as clever and as trendy as the thing itself. Co-created by Dawson King and Storm Model Management, they named their collaboration Feels. This name is in reference to the internet slang of, of course, feels, meaning ones emotional response to something that overwhelms them with passion.

Once you set up an account, you are able to upload high resolution photos of yourself and modelling agencies have the ability to scout you through the app. Ultimately the agencies scouting can call you in for castings – or even fix you up with fashion campaigns straight away.

The app allows those doing the scouting to be able to monitor real time trends and download users’ photos for editorials. So even though in the last few years many people have been scouted via social media, this is wholly more interactive, making it the first of its kind.

Of course the new is still partnering with the old and Feels also has a Twitter account with over twenty thousand followers. Many of their posts are photos uploaded from app users, proving its effectiveness across the social media spectrum by combining the two forces.


Model using Feels App Photo Credit: Elvira Vedelago
Model using Feels. Photo Credit: Elvira Vedelago.


We think this is just the start of another reinvention; since it has been co-created by Storm Model Management (who currently represent megastars like Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn), we wholeheartedly trust their backing behind this. Storm are widely known for their innovative approach to management and for coming out with Storm Vision, their version of a digital division.

We are so excited for the future of modelling and feel as though… Feel (oops, punny not punny) is leading the way in the social media sector of the modelling world. We wanted to try the app out for ourselves, but unfortunately it is only available within the European Apple store. Crossing our fingers they launch it in Australia next…