The Crawford Effect

If there was ever a time to realize you were becoming your own mother, we wouldn’t be too disappointed if our mère were Cindy Crawford. As a descendant of two models, Kaia Gerber is living proof that modelling can be boiled down to a science… and her DNA can do no wrong.


Kaia Gerber and her supermodel mum, Cindy Crawford at Disney's Premiere of Tomorrowland. Photo Credit: Getty Images
Kaia Gerber and her supermodel mum, Cindy Crawford at Disney’s Premiere of Tomorrowland, looking ultra chic and undeniably similar. Photo Credit: Getty Images.


Anaheim California, better known as home to the happiest place on earth, played host to a family friendly red carpet event this past weekend to premiere Disney’s Tomorrowland. Although the focus of the event was obviously the attraction, it was someone else that stole the spotlight.

Looking like a spitting image of her gorgeous mother, Kaia Gerber seemed less like a daughter and more like a young sister. The pair when photographed looked shockingly similar, even down to their soft wavy brunette locks. They both opted for a similar outfit consisting of jeans, plain tops and leather jackets – effortlessly flawless.

After receiving an immense amount of attention after this past weekend, she shows clear potential for modelling and many predict her to fill her mother’s glamourous high heels someday. Upon closer inspection of her recent work, the beauty has already dabbled in the world of fashion and modelling – and she’s only 13.


A young Kaia Gerber Modelling for Versace Photo Credit: Huffington Post
A young Kaia Gerber Modelling for Versace. Photo Credit: Huffington Post.


Last year she made her first appearance in Teen Vogue – not a shabby start for the teenager, and what’s even more impressive is that three years ago Gerber had her first major photoshoot for a Young Versace campaign. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

With genes as amazing as hers it certainly makes it easy to get ahead. We are sensing some sort of Crawford effect phenomenon taking place, and we aren’t complaining about it. With her mother officially calling it quits with full-time modelling back in 2000, it’s a breath of fresh air to see her mini me stepping up to the plate.


Equally as stunning as her mum, Kaia Gerber models for Teen Vogue. Photo Credit: Teen Vogue.