Bordelle: Blurring The Lines Of Bondage And Lingerie

For the past eight years, Bordelle has been a driving force in bringing fashionable kinky lingerie to market prominence. Toying with themes of seduction and domination, their unique perspective on luxury S&M has led to the label becoming essential lingerie for fashion and cultural provocateurs alike.

Inspired by the lack of choice in fashionable-yet-kinky undergarments, founder and Creative Director Alexandra Popa created Bordelle as an “ironic wink between sex and fashion in the lingerie industry,” exemplified by their tongue-in-cheek pseudonym.

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Bordelle Bondage Piece. Photo Credit: Lap of Luxury Lingerie


The brand has since become known for fusing ready-to-wear elements with bondage in a manner both highly tasteful and never at the compromise of quality: a testament to the label’s twin pillars of kink and exceptional elegance.

Bordelle was a success from the get-go. In 2009, their very first launch sold out within 24 hours of being on display at Selfridge’s in London. It is currently available in over 20 countries and has expanded to include swimwear, a bridal collection, and its own signature line.

“Women are powerful and extravagant and this is something I explored with the initial designs.” – Alexandra Popa.

As Bordelle expands, so does their public profile. They’ve been named a finalist three times in the UK Lingerie Awards and have appeared in numerous publications, including Vogue, V Magazine and GQ.

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VOGUE Oct 2013. Photo Credit: Official Bordelle Website


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GQ 2013 Cover. Photo Credit: Official Bordelle Website


But perhaps their greatest accomplishment has come with the women counted amongst their fans: contemporary sirens such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna – risqué tastemakers drawn instinctively to the raunchy Bordelle aesthetic.

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V Magazine featuring Madonna and Katy Perry in Bordelle. Photo Credit: Official Bordelle Website


It’s the same aesthetic Bordelle brings to their bridal collection. Consisting of three ranges – True Romantic, Something Blue and Bondage Bridge – the collection’s exquisite blend of delicate couture lace and customised satin elastic was designed to inject bondage into a market traditionally perceived as conservative.

The collection was so successful in concept it was called upon by acclaimed stylist Sascha Lilic for the 2012 GQ Woman of the Year photo shoot.

The chosen star was Lana Del Rey, who posed in the Confetti Lace Angela dress from the True Romance collection. The feminine edge of Bordelle’s design helped to soften Del Rey’s girly image while still presenting her as intimate and elegant.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.57.48 PM
Lana Del Ray in Bordelle in September 2012 issue of GQ. Photo Credit: Lingerie Insight


Bordelle is a forward-thinking brand, consistently expanding the expectations we place on lingerie. We here at FIB have no doubt the label will continue to turn heads for a long time to come.

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Masters of Fashion Volume 40. Photo Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast