Fashion Industry Broadcast TOP MODELS ‘It Girls’ Series Number 10 – Kendall Jenner

Welcome to Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Top Ten countdown for our upcoming TOP MODELS ‘It Girls’ Vol. 61 series involving the biggest names in the modelling world. We love giving you a little taste of what we’ve been up to, so each week we’ll be counting down to the launch of our brand spankin’ new glossy.

Kendall Jenner doesn’t necessarily have to do anything to step into the limelight, she grew up in it. And while she has grown up in a family full of women, she is the only one to do anything to position herself in the modelling world. Being born into such a star-studded family, her initial fame catapulted her to the top-tier of fashion and designers, proving it easy for her to get her start in a usually cut-throat industry.




While Kendall is still a teenager, she has more experience than most will ever have in a lifetime. Although she has had tremendous opportunity, she did still have to get to where she is at today with some personal effort. Jenner grew up in a blended family in Los Angeles with her sister Kylie Jenner and her eight other half brothers and sisters. In 2007 when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired, she became a TV personality and the Jenner/Kardashian name swept the world. Even though it was an extremely controversial show, and both of the youngest Jenner’s were just children when it started, they slowly became equally as famous as their older siblings as they grew. With the show still airing today and with its wild success, Jenner soon started to make her way to the forefront of the modelling industry because of her prominent facial features and graceful stature.

At the age of 14 she was signed on with Wilhelmina Models and her success catapulted from there, largely due to the worldwide fame of her older sister, Kim Kardashian, and her affiliations with well-known fashion powerhouses. Her fresh faced appearance and youthful vibe made her a perfect fit for starting her career and her first jobs were with retailer Forever 21 and print-fashion staple, Teen Vogue. After proving her talent in this space, as well as maintaining a secure following online, many of the largest names in the business were reaching out to her. She started appearing on magazine covers everywhere, and took off down the runway for her first fashion week in 2014, walking for the likes of Givenchy, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang to name a few.




Now, she’s the face of Calvin Klein Jeans and is even branching out into beauty with Estee Lauder. Jenner has been the face of various high-profile advertisements and campaigns in her short stint in the industry, whilst also filming for the reality-show (and it’s equally successful spin-offs) and maintaining a fierce social media profile.

Being a young starlet and growing up in the digital age means that Jenner has also mastered the art of self-promotion, and as any young or emerging celebrity would know in this age, it is arguably the most important tool they have at their disposal. Years ago models and celebrities never had to worry about this (yet at the same time living in a time without this platform limited their reach), but in today’s world being able to manage a variety of social media accounts is essential.

With almost 24 million followers on her Instagram account alone, Kendall proves she is very in touch with her audience, and is using social mediums to maintain her ‘It Girl’ status and prolong her currency. Jenner is a key part of a very socially active family that cause controversy wherever they go, but she has mastered a way to consistently shine through. Now anytime she posts a photo on Instagram of her outfit people run out to get their hands on it. When she goes to events like Coachella the masses flock see her. Although Jenner is very young she is also very well versed in the language of social media and she can self-create a frenzy over just about anything.

Jenner isn’t solely fantastic with her social media accounts either, just has the right know how to keep her physical social circle hot and fresh as well.  Making appearances with her similarly aged sister, Kylie, quite often, she also has a great selection of famous friends to appear alongside. Jenner refers to Cara Delevingne as her “bestie”, and the pair are often seen working and playing together at fashion shows, red carpets and glitzy A-list parties.

Not surprisingly her group of girls’ are as glamourous as she is and likely just as busy, but bound to happen when all your pals are the youngest and hottest supermodels of the moment. Not surprisingly, as any ‘It Girl’ would naturally do, Jenner surrounds herself with handsome beaus like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles to further raise her profile.

For how young she is, Kendall Jenner’s name has been buzzing around the media for almost her whole life; and one thing is for sure, we just can’t stop talking about her, and we certainly can’t keep up with this Kardashian.


Stay tuned for our  upcoming TOP MODELS ‘It Girls’ Vol. 61 coming soon!

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