Paul Seville: A Designer For The Eccentric, Excitable Mind

Legendary leather craftsman Paul Seville has mastered the art of bringing intricate leather accessories to the forefront of eccentric boudoir culture. His natural gift for hand carving has resulted in an unmistakable line of wearable art. Paul’s distinctive trait comes from blending old-school craftsmanship and high couture through “a delicious mix of exotic skins, including snakeskin and stingray, sterling silver & Swarovski crystals.”

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Leather Pieces. Photo Credit: Paul Seville Website


In the days when accessories for luxury erotica were kept underground, Seville was lucky to score an exclusive collaboration with Coco de Mer. This allowed his fetish and style for bedroom accessories and luxury kink to flourish and develop. Coco de Mer was one of the store chains to specialise in erotic bed wear, and Seville the first designer to produce a range of intimate, luxury leather accessories for the boudoir. It was a collaboration that helped open a market for such intimate commodities.

“Increasingly there was a growing demand for creativity in product development where previously only the Catwalk shows of Givenchy, Alexander McQueen & Victoria’s Secrets would allow; refreshingly there were exclusive boutiques opening worldwide with the foresight to appreciate the need to push the boundaries of accessory design without compromising on quality or style,” according to Seville.

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Pieces from ‘Violet’ Collection. Photo Credit: Paul Seville Website


Today, Seville’s product range caters for anything and everything the erotically eccentric mind can concoct. Almost any pleasure imaginable can be inspired by accessories including but not limited to corsets, harnesses, handcuffs, paddles, strap-ons, whips constructed of horse or human hair and of course, the signature molded mask. These products are dispersed seasonally and displayed regularly in Paris and London.

Seville is a key player in the industry, having worked with some of the world’s most desired fashion houses: Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier, to name a few.

The designer is no stranger to international press and the celebrity circle. He’s enjoyed features in the limited edition book Design Behind Desire, along with major magazines such as Vogue, Stylist Magazine, Wunderland, Editorial, ID and many more. Some of the celebrities to flaunt his products include Madonna, Lara Stone, Rihanna, Isabella Rossellini and even the queen of kink herself, Dita Von Teese.

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Madonna for V Magazine. Photo Credit: Paul Seville Website
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Lara Stone for Vogue Japan. Photo Credit: Paul Seville Website


Seville’s products are stocked at luxury retailers across Europe – London, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Germany through to North American fashion hubs like New York and Los Angeles.

His love for corsetry, along with skills as a craftsman and tailor, are integral pieces to his success – in particular the intricacy and detailed construction in his methods. Each design is created using natural leather and composed individually, as a way of specialising and complimenting each and every unique product. The carefully mastered and meticulous process gives customers a memorable, distinct piece to use at their own leisure – and pleasure.

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Masters of Fashion Volume 40. Photo Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast