Chris Pratt Gets Drunk, Hilarity Ensues

Just a few short years ago Chris Pratt was a loveable, overweight television actor playing the hilarious Andy Dwyer on celebrated sitcom Parks and Recreation. He dropped more than a few kilos on his path to cinema stardom, but thankfully his sense of humour wasn’t shed along the way. And we have the video to prove it.

Pratt GQ
Photo Credit: GQ


The 35-year-old actor, famous for roles in Moneyball, Guardians of the Galaxy and soon to be seen in the upcoming Jurassic World, took to the Internet at the behest of magazine GQ to impart some of the tricks and tips learned through his time as an actor.

But before that, and following a cover shoot for their next issue, Pratt decided to get drunk. Very drunk. On Fireball Whiskey, in point of fact.

What followed was one of the more unique and hysterical acting seminars put to film. It’s not what you’d consider beneficial, per se, so inspiring actors may want to hone their craft somewhere else. But if you’ve ever asked yourself how to react when a Tyrannosaurus Rex walks into a Jamba Juice, then drunk Chris Pratt has you sorted. The man knows all kinds of things. Like what to say when a cop pulls you over while you have a bunch of weed in your glove box. You’re welcome.

Check the link below to see Pratt at his inebriated finest. He’ll also be gracing the cover of the next Gentleman’s Quarterly, American edition, and teaming with dinosaurs to fight a bigger dinosaur in Jurassic World, due out the 11th of June. Although he probably won’t be drunk for that one.